【これはどっち?!】シュークリームなのかクレープなのか、食べたら分かるさ。ノーボーダラインを引いたLawson のホボクリム。


is CREPE tasting so good?

I think so.

when I ate crepe at first time, this is so rare sweets in japan.

Festival,Depart,Famous city and so on.

CREPE is limited by urban area & events.


But now, everybody could eat CREPE .

supermarcket and convenience store are leading in sweets industly. 

every tuseday, all convenience stores will release a  few new sweets including CREPE.

so, now variety of CREPE is here.and changing folmes in japanese style.

Now, introducing new CREPE made by lawson.




Hobo-cream(almost creame crepe)

this is new taste of Hobo-cream and looks like cream puff.but not, crepe.

Rare cheese & berry.This is so Rich cheese and creamy,streches.After eating one piece, Rich cheese will extend beyond the mouse.

and Berry make feel fresh & littele sour.



another Amazing points is small body but large amount of food. thanks to thin skin, large amount of cream is packed up to goal line.

compared to crepe,body is smaller. but,amount of cream is not changed. this is suprising.


So,Hobo-cream(almost cream)is so flavorful.


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クレープっていつ食べても、気分が変わるくらい美味しいですよね^ ^